Whether you’re jetting off to a beach destination, or a big city, you can wear these listed pieces anywhere–and you can wear them more than once.

  1. Your favorite pair of jeans is a must. No matter if they are old or new, just make sure they are comfy. Pair them with flat sandals and a t-shirt while keeping the look casual and comfortable.
  2. A packable hat is every fashionista’s vacation must-haves. Make sure it is bendable so that it won’t get bent out of shape in your luggage.
  3. A foldable tote bag. It won’t take up much space in your luggage, but if your new vacation purchases won’t squeeze into your expandable suitcase, you can bring them home in this!
  4. Bring a pair of your favorite sunglasses.
  5. A maxi skirt or maxi dress can be worn for a daytime activity or activity. The skirt can also be paired with a t-shirt and sandals, and a maxi dress can be worn for spring dinner date.

Now that you’ve chosen these must-have clothing items, consider what other pieces you’ll need based on other considerations such as weather and activities such as working out or swimming.