This week we’re sharing some of our favorite beauty items.

The Nude Lipstick

Bright red might be the shade of lipstick we often associate with the red carpet and runways but the classic nude lip continues to be a force in daily wear. In real life, a barely-there lip color is one of those makeup looks that are simple in theory, but there’s an art to pulling it off. Nude is much easier to wear as it works on every lip shape. The new color of choice makes your pout more fun and modern, whereas a red lip is more classic. A nude lip is both sophisticated and fresh and in my opinion the final touch to any look.

The Green Eyeliner

Green eyeliner is a great color choice for brown eyes; as it will make your brown eyes more noticeable. Green eyeliner is simply a great way to top off beautiful brown eyes. Other colors that work well with brown eyes are blues, browns & purples.


What are some of your favorite beauty items? Comment below. We would love to hear them.