Born on the 20th day of September and being a woman in this new decade and New Year 2020, Yolanda has decided to celebrate every 20th day of each month to things that she finds rewarding and satisfying.

She named her 20th day of events “Day 20”…

With the first “Day 20” being scheduled on Martin Luther King’s birthday, Yolanda thought that it would be a great day to celebrate him and the extraordinary changes that his work inspired by enjoying massages, food, beverages and of course some good, old fashioned “girl talk”.

Yolanda has booked “Manly Handz” mobile spa and invited the “Girl Gang’ out to a beautiful mansion in South Orange County to relax and enjoy the evening for which Dr King fought for.

Check out some of the scheduled “Day 20” events:

February 20, Thursday: Basketball jersey themed dinner
March 20, Friday: Network Mixer
April 20, Monday: Sister To Sister bonfire

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