Yolanda Mangum, Entrepreneur and CEO of Lady MV, would like to present the “Girl Gang” Women/Girl’s Empowerment Movement of 2020. The movement is dedicated to providing support and empowering women, and girls. The group is a nonjudgmental safe space for women to share their life experiences and seek advice from each other where they feel necessary.

In the New Year, Yolanda’s “Girl Gang Movement” will be launching programs to offer its members access to entrepreneur development, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Yolanda says hard work, dedication and honesty has always been a part of her business plan. She proudly pushes women to be ambitious and to continue to educate themselves.

Come join our movement of dedicated women, and girls, working together to create a new understanding of what it means to be businesswomen and girls.

  • Send an email to info@ladymv.com
  • Write in subject line “Girl Gang”
  • Please include your name, residing city, social media handle and brand name/service
  • Tell us about YOU

Follow Yolanda on social media at @ymangum3