I took a trip to Miami during spring break with 8 lovely ladies. We stayed 3 nights in a luxurious mansion on South Beach. Prior to our trip, we made plans to visit the Ice Cream Museum on Friday evening and take a yacht ride through Millionaire’s Row on Saturday afternoon. Everything went great and as planned. Saturday before the sun went down, we all went down to the beach. We walked down Ocean Blvd laughing and dancing until we reached the warm sand. We took off our shoes and casually walked out to the edge of the water. The sun was just about to set when we took a moment to reflect on how blessed we all were to be in such a lovely place spending time together.

We are all family, but it’s very seldom that we all get time away from our busy lives, jobs, and families.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are already planning our next girl’s trip! The only question now is “where are we going next?”